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What's Trademark Indonesia and Why Important

What's Trademark Indonesia and Why Important

Recently, Firefox, which is known as a browser product that is improved by Mozilla, announced a change of symbols. This symbol change is not only the core symbol, and also the series of symbols, starting from "Send", "Monitor", "Lockwise", and "Browser". In this new symbol, Firefox is removing the transform symbol which so far has been the same as the company trademark. A trademark indonesia is very important.

The Firefox faction itself explains that with the new design of the Firefox browser, it visualizes the enthusiasm and confidence of a good internet tomorrow for a world that is more open and open to a global perspective and is supported by a strong passion to change thoughts related to browsers. Besides, Firefox mentions the new symbol design is not just an identity, but as a representative of a better product and internet experience for the user. More than just a browser! Not only a revamp of symbols and missions, Firefox: Fast for Good is a new Firefox tagline that offers the promise of fast searching with guaranteed privacy security. If you want to do a trademark Indonesia, please contact us.

In Indonesia itself, the change of symbols is done by TVRI. Philosophically, the new TVRI symbol has a large circle that visualizes the world of RI writing in it that visualizes Indonesia. This reform is part of the way TVRI enters the digital age and is ready to go into the world arena

In addition, with this reshuffle it is hoped that it will be able to change the organizational culture and work culture for the better. According to Sumbo Tinarbuko, Visual Communication Observer as well as ISI Yogyakarta Visual Communication Lecturer, said that the TVRI rebranding was brought in to represent the quality of value which provides a meaningful comparative element between brands that have one broadcasting agency to another.

Is it an Indonesian trademark?

There was a mission overhaul in an attempt to get both of them to choose to rebrand. This rebranding was followed by an overhaul of symbols. Before talking further about rebranding, you should first understand the meaning of rebranding.

According to Muzellec and Lambkin, the Indonesian trademark is to create a new name, meaning, symbol, design, or a whole combination for one brand which cannot be denied in the direction of increasing differentiation (new) status in the minds of stakeholders and competitors. In other words, rebranding is a marketing tactic in which a company creates a new name, tagline, symbol, symbol, design made for a known brand with a direction of improvement, giving an improvement in the minds of customers, investors and competitors.

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